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Load Control Status

Load Management Programs Keep Power Costs Down

The load management program enhances reliability for all members during extraordinary times. It also helps reduce costs for all coop members with additional savings for participating members. Scenic Rivers Energy Cooperative and its partners in the Dairyland system of electric cooperatives are together achieving a total savings of over $4 million a year.

Did you know the load management program saves Dairyland from having to generate 60 MW in the summer and 152 MW in the winter? That’s the equivalent of a small power plant!

Because power suppliers need to own or purchase enough electric capacity to meet their needs during periods of peak use, load management decreases our costs by reducing the total capacity that our power supplier needs to have available. It also decreases the total amount of energy that we need to produce overall. Finally, load management frees up additional capacity, lowering the cost for all coop members.

Energy Saving Tips

The hot summer weather can be challenging for all of us, but if you keep in mind a few tips, you can save your household valuable energy dollars:

  • When using an air conditioner, set the thermostats no lower than 78 degrees.
  • Shut lights and other appliances off when not in use.
  • Draw shades or blinds to prevent the sun from adding more heat to the room.
  • Postpone chores requiring electrical use until the temperature drops in the evening.
  • Try using fans instead of air conditioners. Fans use as little as one-tenth the energy as air conditioners.

If you have any questions about participating in the load management program, feel free to call Ron Jentz, Energy Services Representative at 800-236-2141 ext. 130. Allowing your coop to control your electric water heater or electric heat reduces usage peak, saving you from paying premium prices.

Dairyland Power Cooperative's Load Control Status

The following links will display Dairyland Power Cooperative's load control status for commercial-industrial-agricultural and residential customers.


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